Tracking Analytics and its Importance

Simply put, tracking analytics enables us to know where your website visitors and customers are coming from. When a user views your website, a JavaScript code  executes the tracking operation for analytics. This tracking operation retrieves data and sends this information to the Analytics server. In the digital marketing world, understanding the general tracking process helps to ensure that your reports deliver data as you expect. It also helps you configure Analytics tracking to best suit your website.

tracking analytics 

How Do Search Engines Collect Analytical Data?

Analytics such as Google collect their data from three sources: the HTTP request of the user, browser/system information, and first-party cookies. The HTTP request for any web page uses the hostname, browser type, referrer, and language. Java and Flash provide access to more detailed browser and system information such as support and screen resolution. In order to obtain user session and any ad campaign information, Analytics sets and reads first-party cookies on your users’ browsers.


Remarketing Audiences in Analytics

Remarketing represents a group of users you want to re-engage because of their likelihood to convert. Identifying behaviors can be as simple as a user who initiated a site or clicked on an application. Other behaviors include interacting with specific products or services. Below are examples of audience engagements and the appropriate advertising type.

Example A: a user who looked at a product but did not add to their cart.

Ad Type: those products the user did not add to their cart.

Example B: a product or service the user added to their cart but did not purchase.

Ad Type: offer a discount to purchase that service or product with a time limit attached.

Example C: a user who made prior purchases.

Ad Type: products related to their purchase.

If the ads are successful, the associated cookie or Ad ID is included in the audience, allowing them to see the remarketing ads. Remarketing is a powerful tool to engage people who are already interested in a company’s products or services and cannot be done without analytics.


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