Yahoo vs Google which search engine is better?

Google_wordmarkIn 1995, the search engine Yahoo launched. Three years later, Google was born. Logically, Yahoo should have an upper hand in the industry by being the first to set its foot on the search landscape. Though both search engines have been popular ever since, Google has been the front runner in gaining the lion’s share of 67.5% as of March of 2014, an increased search in Google sites alone of 9% or 13 billion.

In May 2011, Comscore was able to compare Google with Yahoo based on the number of visitors. Google took the top position with a billion visitors for the month of May only, while Yahoo only took fourth position with only 689 million, being surpassed by Microsoft Sites and Facebook. According to ComScore, the increased visitors of 8% or 2 billion of Yahoo were attributed to its changes in layout similar to Facebook. It also features horoscopes, featured videos, only on Yahoo section, trending topics, and the addition of Flickr and Tumblr as part of its tabs. Yahoo is also set to launch an app in the future according to its CEO.

 Insights on Googles Market Domination

On the other hand, the homepage on Google is not that engaging. You just have a set of tabs for Google Play, Mail, News, Youtube, Google Calendar. There is no interaction or a way to communicate to users. It does not provide features, trending topics, and even comics on its homepage. The main feature is to use the search engine to start exploring the web. Then, why is it still dominating the search industry?

Yahoo logo search engine

What sets Google apart from Yahoo?

It is to mainly two reasons. Google was the first in adopting the principle of innovation. The company hired technology experts and gave them the choice to be creative on how to satisfy the customer’s needs. Hence, they were able to launch their own Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Analytics and Google Glass among others by enhancing technology, which made users ecstatic about these tools. It did not focus on the online content; rather, it concentrated on technological usability. On the other hand, Yahoo did not adopt innovation at the get-go; rather, it concentrated on content that it was not able to pinpoint what the users truly wanted. The search engine became messy and confusing because Yahoo does not know its primary customers. Only now did Yahoo realize the need for innovation.

Yahoo and Internet Marketing Companies

As they say in finance, diversify your portfolios by not putting everything in one basket to mitigate the risk. The same is true for SEO and Internet marketing companies. Topco marketing of Los Angeles is just doing that. They offer to optimize their client’s websites on all search engines in case Google change its rules, regulations and their so-called algorithms that can affect a website’s rankings. In the SEO game, it is about fresh and relevant content and user-friendly website that truly attracts potential customers.

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