Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda algorithm is the latest algorithm to be released by Google and some websites are really feeling the burn. What people don’t know is that the Panda algorithm has actually been out since 2011, and that Google makes about 500-600 minor algorithmic changes a year. Understanding what Google Panda rewards and demotes is imperative to getting your website high on search engine results. Topco Markeitng helps you build a SEO-friendly website

Google Panda Algorithm is all about content

In the past, Google used to reward websites for putting content on a consistent basis, and people got away with keyword stuffing and putting out poor quality content. However now, Google has gotten smart. Google Panda rewards great quality content and demotes content that is thin or spammy. Thin content is content that is full of keywords and copy, but is light on any real information. Your content needs to match what your users are searching for, and a great way of finding that out is checking your search query in the Search Console’s Search Analytics feature. One of the easiest Panda fixes you can do is ensuring that your content matches the search query. Content is king, but it needs to be high quality content in order to satisfy Google Panda.

Can I remove content that has been hit by Panda?

Lots of business owners believe that by removing content that was affected by Google Panda they’ll surely increase their ranking, but they’re actually hurting themselves more. Instead of removing it, improve it. Most of the time it’s just tweaking a paragraph or two to better match user searches on your search query. The best way to determine good content from bad is to check your analytics. If Google is sending traffic to your site then it considers it high enough quality to rank. If a search keeps bringing visitors to a certain page, make sure that page delivers the promised content.

Topco Marketing improves the content of your website according to Google Panda Algorithm

How to rank better with Google Panda

Google Panda loves quality content and hates poor content. It’s as simple as that. Google Panda knows when the value a user receives from a website is less than the value the site’s owner receives from the user being there. Duplicate content can affect your SEO but it shouldn’t be your top priority. Focus on fixing what Panda is impacting first, then fix duplicate content. User-generated content and commentary unfortunately take a hit with Panda because generally the level of quality posts from users are not the greatest. However, some content can be high quality, so you should not completely take them out. You should instead manage this type of content.

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