Google Analytics 101

If you want to grow your business to its fullest potential, it is important to install an analytical software on your website. Here is a Google Analytics 101 to help you understand the best way to use this tool.

Google Analytics is the most powerful analytical software that tells you who is visiting your website, how they got there, and what they are looking for. It shows you every channel that directs traffic to your site. This includes organic search (SEO), paid search (PPC), direct traffic, social media, and referrals. You can waste precious time and money by implementing changes and guessing what results come from it. On the other hand, you can install Google Analytics and back up your campaigns with hard data.

Analytics can also help your SEO as well. By using various metrics to create custom reports, you can determine which pages have the highest bounce rates or the longest loading speeds. Google Analytics gives you all the tools and data necessary to help you understand your brand and make pivotal decisions.

Benchmarking Made Easy

Creating goals and achieving them has never been easier with Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows us to create benchmark reports to determine how your property outperforms or underperforms. There’s a great function that allows you to compare your site’s performance to your industry’s average. By understanding how you compare to your competition, you can set up performance goals to help give your business that competitive advantage. You can also benchmark the conversion of your website. You can easily set up conversions or ‘goals’ to record when a user goes down a specific path. Measuring your ‘Goals’ are necessary to determining if your call-to-actions and other web design tactics are working.

Google Analytics can help you understand your target market

Google Analytics provides advanced features to help you understand who your target market is. The Demographics tab lists every user that has been to your site. It also provides their age, gender, lifestyle choices, and in-market segments. In addition to viewing their demographics, you can also view other metrics such as bounce rate, sessions, transactions, and revenue. Google Analytics provides you with custom reports to help you target your marketing efforts better in the future. By looking at their interests and the level of interaction with your site, you can also create remarketing audiences to sell to in the future.

google analytics 101

Determine what keywords are being used

The key to developing an excellent keyword strategy is to know what your clients are searching for to get to your page. Luckily, Google Analytics provides you with the keywords or phrases that are being used to get to your site. Search Console provides you with a list of all the keywords that your customers use to get to your website. Another great function is a keyword cloud. Instead of giving you a list of words and the amount of times it was used, a picture is used to show you the consistency of a word. Creating a powerful keyword list is one of the most difficult and time consuming SEO functions to accomplish. However, with analytics you’re able to determine popular keywords in your industry all at the click of a mouse.

Internet Marketing Companies

This Google Analytics 101 only covers the basic tenets of the tool. In reality, it is more complex than that, which is why investing in a good internet marketing company might be a good idea. Internet marketing companies like Topco Marketing stay up-to-date to the relevant technology. We are also able to analyze and dissect data. As a result, we can create effective marketing campaigns based on those data.

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