Decreasing Website Bounce Rates

Website bounce rates are the percentage of viewers who come to a site only to leave after viewing the landing page. A high bounce rate means that there is a serious problem with your website. Your website is a 24/7 selling machine and it needs serious attention if you want it to achieve its full potential.

At Topoco Maketing your website bounce rates will decrease and people are going to spend more time on your website

Call-to-actions lead to website conversions

Call-to-actions are excellent for decreasing website bounce rates. A call-to-action needs to either catch the eye of a visitor or be readily available for a visitor to click on if they are interested in your services. A great call-to-action will persuade visitors to either click on a link to another part of your site or sign up for your email.

Good website aesthetics can entice your viewers to stay

Your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing to a viewer. Customers are deterred by websites that are overcrowded with flashy pictures, banners, and information. Simplicity is key when it comes to web design and can even help your pages load faster. Websites should be easy to navigate, mobile responsive, and have call-to-actions.

at topco marketing we create websites that are mean to people spend time and find really good contents on them

Having unique content increases the chances of a customer staying

It’s imperative that the content on your website not only catches the eye of a visitor, but it’s unique and interesting enough that they click on the link or finish reading the paragraph. You can decrease bounce rates by having spicy, dynamic content that appeals to the lazy reader. Visitors don’t want to waste their time reading boring content. It’s therefore important to know that interesting content is not only good for the lazy reader, it’s good for SEO.

A fast website can decrease bounce rates

Having perfect content doesn’t matter if your website is slow and doesn’t load. Having a slow website can also contribute to high bounce rates and even lose you long term clients. You have about eight seconds to catch the attention of a visitor once they view your site. How can you expect high conversions if it takes just that amount of time to load a page? Also, why should a customer buy from you again if the process was long?

Websites can be slow due to the amount or type of content on a page, poor web design, or bad hosting. Not only does Google see that viewers are bouncing but its search engine spiders are having a hard time indexing your site. Check the page loading speed of your website on analytics and address the pages that needs help. It’s recommended that the page loading speed be under 1.5 seconds for the first top-half of the page.

Choosing the right hosting company can decrease website bounce rates

A great hosting company can decrease bounce rates by providing the capability to run to website that is fast and easy for your customers to use. There are tons of hosting companies that swear to be the best and claim to do all the same. However, it’s important that you research extensively because you do not want to be stuck in a longterm contract with a problematic host. However, just because you already have a host doesn’t mean that you should forgo researching the benefits of other companies.

Promotions entice viewers to convert

People are always trying to save money or find the cheapest alternative. If you’re in a highly competitive market, why should they invest their time reading about your company? Promotions can right away catch the eye of a visitor and decrease website bounce rates. Customers also want an incentive to buy your product over your competitors. You already got them on your website, so give them a reason to choose you.

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