To answer the question “Which one is better, Google Adwords vs Facebook Advertising?” we need to look at the benefits each service offers. Google Adwords has enjoyed a long reign as the top pay-per-click (PPC) service for businesses looking to increase conversions. However, a relatively new competitor in the market is giving Google a run for its money. Facebook advertising is also becoming increasingly popular with business owners that have their target markets on Facebook. Many businesses are content with using Google Adwords because it’s always been something they have used. However, could Facebook advertising really be better? Here are some key defining characteristics of each service.

Google Adwords


  • Targeting options include time of day, days of the week
  • Immediate increase in traffic
  • Variety of advertising options such as Display Network, Search Network, and Remarketing


  • Depending on your industry the CPC can be very expensive
  • Large potential audience can be irrelevant depending on your target market
  • If set up and managed incorrectly it can be extremely costly
  • Setup and management is very time consuming
  • Limited space on your ad (only three lines)

Google Adwords vs Faceboook Advertising

Facebook Advertising


  • Easy to set up
  • CPC is relatively cheap depending on what industry you are in
  • Ability to reach people early on in the buying process before they are aware of their need
  • Advanced targeting options for demographics including cities, regions, age, and income bracket
  • Ability to include pictures and videos


  • Not recommend for B2B companies (Only suitable for those operating in B2C)
  • No option to target ads at certain times of the day or days of the week

Google Adwords vs Facebook Advertising


Which one should I use? Google Adwords vs Facebook Advertising

Both options are similar when it comes to the services they provide. They both have easy to comprehend dashboards that allow you to view your CTR and CPC. Both services also let you target large audiences. However, Facebook generally consists of a younger demographic of users. In the end it really all depends on what type of business you have. The average cost per keyword on Google Adwords for your industry could be as much as $19. Therefore it’s important to note that you may get a higher CTR with Google Adwords, but your CPC is definitely higher as well.

Facebook’s ability to include photos and videos allows you to interact with customers. It also gives you a better chance of them clicking on your ads. In addition, Facebook users can even share your advertisements, thus giving you an exponential increase in brand awareness. Facebook can be the more cost effective solution. However, you shouldn’t just choose one or the other. A good marketing plan should combine solutions and not rely only on one. There are also other social media platforms that have advertising as well. Research what social media platform your target market uses and use that in tandem with Google Adwords.

Hope this article helps solve the question of Google Adwords vs Facebook Advertising.

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