A “Cyber” Handshake

We used to greet one another face to face with a handshake. In today’s world, we meet via the Internet, computer to computer, with a “cyber” handshake. In short, being able to cyber-shake millions of hands all over the world is what social networking is all about. It makes the world a smaller place but it can make your company huge. Knowing how important social media is, how do we find the right social media platform for us?

right social media 

Social Media is not a Need, it is a Must

According to brandwatch.com the population worldwide is 7.3 billion. The Internet has 3.27 billion users and of those users, 2.3 billion are active on social media sites. That means that 31.5% of all the people in the WORLD use social media. That’s a lot of handshakes! Those statistics are proof that Internet Marketing is the number one way to promote, expand, and increase your business. Don’t be left out.

How to Make Social Media Work

There’s a difference between just having an online social presence versus actually being social. Just like you would engage with a client in person, that same engagement needs to happen online. In a social media study conducted by the management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, 27 out of 48 companies did not respond to a single customer reply on Facebook. All of your customers, whether in person or online, have value. Using social media as a way to stay connected instead of just a way to promote your business is vital to the integrity of your brand. As a result, the good brand reputation will ultimately increase your sales. A highly trained Internet Marketing Company can also be on top of your social media by making sure that your business does not ignore its consumers.

The Right Social Media Platform

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are just a few of the many social media platforms swarming around the Internet. How do you know what is the right social media platform for your business? A reputable Internet Marketing Company is well aware of social media. This allows them to guide your brand to one or more specific platforms that would be ideal for your marketing campaign. For example, a high-tech engineering firm would probably not do well on a crafty site like Pinterest. Instead, it is likely to have a solid following on a site like CodePlex developed by Microsoft.

As an experienced internet marketing company, Topco Marketing knows the ins and outs of the social media world. We also know how to find the right social media for your brand and business and how to best engage your audience in those platforms.

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