How Productive Is Social Media Today?

In our fast-paced society, we worship convenience. No wonder that through innovation and latest technology, we are able to create more productivity in the least possible time. We can send business documents via email. We can obtain tidbits of news from our relatives in a foreign land through a text message. People can even deposit checks using our smartphone app without going to actual banks. People have created social media sites not only for social networking but also for content sharing. Sharing social media content positively impact marketing professionals. It has also become a game changer in the industry by increasing brand awareness and impressions exponentially in the least amount of cost and time. That is why using top social media sites can be beneficial for a business.

Will Your Brand Benefit From Social Media Platforms?

We all know that the famous places to share social media content are the top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. On Twitter, one can follow an organization that can provide rich content. Some examples would be HuffPost Living or a celebrity like Oprah Winfrey. On Instagram and Pinterest, social media content sharing are only limited to pictures, videos and quotes unless the one who posts indicate a website to go to.

Overview of Top Social Media Platforms

Linkedin is a social networking site for professionals; hence, this site is a reputable source of high-quality content. Feedly allows you to manage RSS feeds and search for topics among the feeds. Topsy is another real-time search engine where you can search for keywords within the territory of social media only. gives you the sources based on your chosen keywords. Meanwhile, SlideShare is a large community for sharing content such as infographics, PDFs, and videos. Also, Pocket is a shareable social media content site where you can store information to read later on. However, it is not so much a source of content.

For infographics, is the go-to social media content sharing site. SmartBrief contains summary of industry-related news in partnership with trade associations, nonprofits and corporations. Lastly, the famous Youtube lets one view videos and obtain websites of contents through the subscriber and people who comment on the thread.

In short, there are various social media sites for sharing content aside from the famous social networking sites that are essential to marketing professionals. This is great news for business organizations that want to create a buzz about their product or service. Topco Marketing, an Internet marketing company in Los Angeles, offers a powerful social media marketing campaign and strategy by utilizing these places to share content in order to create a long-lasting online brand awareness.

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