Smartphones Are Changing Our World

Convenience stems from our human appetite to make and do things better. That is why in this day and age, life becomes more demanding each year because we have more time to do other things. Let us take telephone as an an example. Back in the days, there was this telephone with this curly wire surrounding the unit. As time passed by, we invented pagers where you can message someone by calling a public payphone. With heightened creativity and innovation, we invented this huge cellular phone powered by cellular sites. Then, with your cellular phones, you can send text messages with other people who own a cellphone. Then, cellphone evolved into what we call now as smartphones that have changed our lives and the marketing world dramatically.

Changing Our Behavior

With these microcomputers, people  check important messages, deposit checks using apps, print coupons while waiting at the cashier, get directions when a truck driver is lost, identify the title of the song being played with Shazam app, take a picture or record a video in real time, play Candy Crush while waiting for the next train to arrive, Google for the best ramen house in Southern California by Yelp, and follow One Republic on Twitter at your fingertips. It is an alarm clock, an mp3 player, a telephone, and a computer packaged in this device made up of lithium, metal and plastic. Smartphones change our lives by making everything more convenient, and the development also impacts the marketing world as well.

Shift In the Marketing World

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With many companies going digital, there is a shift in how companies do business. Internet marketing companies replace actual salespeople with the presence of search engine optimization. Because of the number of smartphone users nowadays, there are a lot of advertising opportunities. With an estimated 1.75 billion users in 2014, the gates of opportunity have opened up for Internet marketing companies. It’s especially true in Los Angeles, one of the centers of marketing and advertising industries in the in the world. Companies such as Topco Marketing are being sought after by clients to increase their business’ mobile brand awareness using social media and mobile marketing expertise. Topco Marketing also offers search engine optimization and web design, online reputation management, and branding strategies in order to increase a firm’s rankings.

Smartphone Impacts

Smartphones have a positive impact on our lives. It has given us so much convenience that our productivity levels have soared exponentially. From responding to business email to mobile shopping, this device has given us more time to do other things. Yet, we cannot just deny the fact that it has an adverse effect on our health as well. It can affect our memory as our brains are being rewired to just search for answers with a press of a button. It also gives us too many choices that we tend to waste time making a simple decision.

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