SEO can help your business grow!” You constantly see and hear this everywhere but you brush it off because, “Hey, I have my website up, and my customers seem to be able to find it, so why should I do it?” Well, not engaging in small business SEO can lose you money and hundreds of potential customers. Plus paying for your domain name and website host only to have it sit there is wasting money.

In addition, Google’s algorithms can detect if your website is dormant. Google can therefore rank it lower on its search page, thus decreasing traffic to your website. Did you know that 80% of traffic clicks on the top 20% of search results? Therefore it’s imperative that you start getting your website SEO friendly.

Small Business SEO

Keywords for Small Business SEO

Keywords are a variety of words or phrases that describe what your business is about. Without the proper keywords, search engines have no idea who you are or what your business is about. As a result, they can’t index you in their database. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a variety of techniques that when used together can help your website rank better on a search engine result page, or SERP. SEO can help your customers find your website, navigate through it, and purchase items.

Keywords are a perfect example of SEO. “Well I have keywords for my website and I seem to be doing just fine with my business?” You may be doing fine right now, but your competitors are constantly researching what customers are looking for and tweaking their keywords. Take the time to research keywords and set up a proper strategy for your entire website.

Small Business SEO

How having constant, dynamic content can lead to long term relationships

SEO isn’t all just about keywords though. Creating content on a constant basis is highly favored by search engines and can increase your website’s results. By creating content that is “saucy”, your customers are able to connect with the business and form long lasting relationships. The content you create needs to be dynamic and interesting. Just like how your value proposition needs to persuade a customer to buy from you, your content needs to be worthwhile to a visitor so that they can keep coming back. Remember, “quality over quantity.”

SEO for small business

How influencer seeding could lead to conversions

A key part of small business SEO is influencer seedingInfluencer seeding is using key influencers to market your products or services to mass audiences across multiple social media platforms. This increases your brand awareness and creates positive sentiment in the community about your brand. Bloggers are a perfect example of community influencers that can spread the reach of your brand by word of mouth. Instead of using traditional media that could cost a fortune, you can use a key influencer to focus your targeting efforts. Lastly, traffic flow to your website can be increased through the use of external links, which leads to higher ranking on search engines.

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