The Internet has come a long way since its creation, and so has the fundamentals of website design. Having a mobile responsive website not only improves your ranking on search engines, it facilitates the user experience on your site for your clients, leading to more sales. Customers are also more likely to not come back if it is hard for them to maneuver your site.

mobile responsive website

A mobile responsive website is best friends with Google

If you didn’t know already, Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated and SEO techniques need to change with it. Mobile responsive websites rank higher on Google’s search engine. Having a responsive web design (RWD) not only looks good for a mobile customer, it actually ranks better than non-mobile responsive websites. With Google being the major search engine, it’s imperative that you make it happy. When users view your site and bounce back to the results page, Google takes note of this and your site takes a hit. That’s because Google doesn’t want to send people to bad websites.

Mobile responsive website can increase conversions

Maneuverability is key when it comes to sales on a website. If a customer can’t find the product, then they will find it difficult to purchase something. When using a mobile responsive website that does not have RWD, customers struggle with pinching the screen to zoom in and click on links. This tiring user experience does not leave a good first impression with your customers. As a result, you can lose visitors, customers and clients. If you run a blog on your site, customers may never locate your content. This can also affect your search engine rankings.

Is a mobile responsive website right for me?

The only reason why you would not want a mobile responsive website is if your website has too much content. A good example would be a newspaper company that has too much content and pictures to compress into a mobile website. A simple way of checking to see if a mobile responsive website is right for your business is to check your site’s analytics. Check to see if users are searching for your business on mobile devices. It’s also important to know what keywords they’re searching for.

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