Mobile Applications for Business

Many business owners don’t realize how much untapped potential there is in mobile app marketing, especially for small or other local businesses. The best thing to get their business blooming is to find the best ways to market their product. They would normally think of  the web and decide to create their own website. However, one of the best ways to market their products is through mobile applications.

Social Media

When small or local businesses start up, the best, fastest, and easiest way to get their name and brand out to the public is to turn to social media. However, there can be a ton of competition to get your brand out. On social media such as Facebook or Twitter, usually people use it to catch up with friends, see what’s happening in the world, or post something themselves. They’re not making a purchase, or even look to make a purchase, so your business will definitely need something else more than social media to market their product.

Mobile applications make the best marketing medium


Emailing marketing is an old-fashioned method of marketing that definitely still works today for many businesses. However, it’s hard to track what your customers are doing and whether or not they are seeing the email. Even if they have subscribed and are on your emailing list, there’s no way of seeing that they saw an email and opened it. There’s also no guarantee that they have read the email either. With mobile applications however, you will be notified with a push notification. Push notifications will help to update your customers on their smartphone to let them know what is going on within one of your apps. Because of these notifications, it is more likely that your update will be noticed, seen, and read.

Mobile applications vs websites

Now let us look at mobile applications’ competition. If you build a website, there are millions and millions of other websites that you would be competing with. Even with a simple Google search, you find an overwhelming amount of results. However, on average, people have about 26 apps installed on their phones. You would only be competing with those apps, rather than the million of websites that people can pull up daily. Developing your own mobile app will not only help you reach a larger audience. It can also help lessen your competition.

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