How competitive is Los Angeles Marketing?

With the presence of fast consumer packaged goods, famous sports, entertainment, film and broadcasting companies in the heart of Los Angeles, it is not surprising that Los Angeles marketing and advertising is competitive. Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures—a fusion of nationalities, ethnicities and ideas. Each year, people witness new products being launched, whether inside a store or through the digital landscape. Los Angeles is also home to some of the best creative talents in the world. And the competition becomes fiercer each year.

There are approximately half a thousand marketing and advertising agencies all competing for businesses’ attention. Gone are the days where a marketing firm only specializes on public relations, traditional advertising or market research services. Nowadays, boutique firms offer almost all services which maybe at par or better than well-known multinational advertising agencies. Topco Marketing, for example, offers almost all marketing services at a fraction of the cost of doing business with the best advertising agency in the world. Topco Marketing provides social media marketing, search engine optimization, brand awareness and activation, public relations, reputation management, web design, business consulting and influencer seeding.

Technology Makes It Harder

Moreover, every company is aiming for meaningful digital presence. The digital landscape creates more impressions and advertising exposures, again at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising media such as television or radio. You can choose from a wide array of choices through online advertising. With online clutter, people can skip the ad at their fingertips such as video ads on Youtube or delete email messages without actually reading them. In addition, the latest technology in television, for example, have prevented advertisers to grab people’s attention since advertising commercials can be skipped with just a press of the button. Truly, it is difficult to thrive in a cutthroat competition such as marketing in this day and age.

Creativity and Innovation

If there is one thing a marketing company needs to develop and hone, it would be creativity. It is every marketing company’s saving grace. Every marketer’s goal should be bringing in fresh ideas all the time and pushing boundaries all the time. It is challenging the status quo and being open to possibilities. It is pursuing the “what if” so that we can discover what is possible. In a society where there are tons of products and services to choose from, standing out above the rest should be the philosophy of marketers. Innovation should be the competitive advantage and business imperative of every organization. That is why it is a challenge for Los Angeles marketing professionals to constantly hone their creativity.

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