Keyword Research


What is keyword research?

It may sound simple, but what you don’t know is that keyword research is one of the most difficult aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords are words or phrases that describe the content on a web page, therefore keyword research is the process of searching for popular keywords in your industry. This is an arduous process for both websites and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. However, having the right keyword strategy will increase traffic and conversions for you business. Researching competitor keywords is one of the various ways to research keywords, but the simplest way is to use Google search to find whatever goods or services your business provides. In order to know what customers search for, you need to become a customer.

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Why does keyword research matter?

When customers search for products or services, pages with content that best match the keywords being used are shown on search engines. Therefore, keywords are pivotal to increasing traffic to your site and to the overall success of your business.

“But what if I already have keywords for my business?” Keyword research filters out negative keywords and/or unsearched keywords. Negative keywords are those that are too broad or narrow. Ineffective keywords waste your opportunity to drive in more traffic. It’s not all about getting more visitors to your website, but the right type of visitors.

Topco Marketing is a Los Angeles based internet marketing agency, providing digital marketing services like seo and web design. Our team will provide keyword research to boost traffic and conversion online.

What quality keyword research can do for your company

Keyword research can give your company the competitive advantage you need. Not only is it good for SEO, it’s one of the highest ROI marketing activities you can do. Creating a high quality keyword strategy can increase your ranking on search engine results pages, therefore increasing traffic and conversions. When it comes to PPC campaigns, researching negative keywords and creating a negative keyword list can increase your ROI. A negative keyword list saves you money. Your ad will not show on searches that aren’t affiliated with your product.


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