A problem many entrepreneurs suffer from is increasing conversion for business. It may be getting customers to open up emails, clicking on certain call-to-actions, or buying products on their website. There are a variety of design techniques you could use to increase your conversions. If you don’t think you need any help with increasing conversion, you should check your analytics and use a heatmap to see what your visitors are actually clicking on. However the key to increasing conversions is to understand what a conversion is.

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What is a conversion?

A conversion is a marketing tactic that encourages a recipient to make a specific, desired action. A perfect example of a conversion is making a sale. However, what you didn’t know is that there are multiple conversions that go into making that one sale. If you are running an email marketing campaign, getting a recipient to open an email is a conversion. Getting them to click on the call-to-action to take them to your website is another one. Finally, getting them to purchase your product is the end conversion. Each time they click on a different link and navigate through your site you are making a conversion. The key to conversions are good design.

Advanced website design leads to an increasing conversion for business

Designing your website to fully engage a customer and increase conversions can be achieved through multiple ways. Simple techniques such as making call-to-actions easily accessible, or making call-to-actions a different color or size can easily increase conversions. Another top tip to website design is to also add pictures and descriptions to your products. Your customers want to see and learn about what your products can do for them. This leads to having your value proposition viewable on the main page of your website above-the-fold.

What’s above-the-fold? This refers to the top half of a landing page before you scroll down. Remember, your goal is to persuade a customer to choose your business over your competitors. The most simple, yet the hardest website design technique to do, is to make your website as simple as possible. Many times companies try to cram as much content as possible on their sites. However, it’s actually making it harder for visitors to navigate the site. Another problem is that it can slow down your website and decrease your ranking on search engines. This leads to a decrease in conversions. A fast loading website is key to having good SEO.

Increasing Conversion For Business can develop your business by getting more visitors

Heatmaps can determine if your call-to-actions are working

A heatmap is an online tool that shows you where a visitor goes on your website. Heatmaps are thermal pictures of your website that show you where visitors have clicked on your site. The importance of using a heatmap is to know if your call-to-actions are working and if your website design allows for easy maneuverability on your site. A perfect example of how they can help is if you have a picture of a product on your site but you forgot to put a link to the check-out page. Moreover, a heatmap shows if customers are clicking on that picture in hopes of it leading them to the check-out page. Making the overall shopping experience easy can create a memorable impression and lead to long term relationships, thus increasing your conversions.

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