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You’ve been hearing the word “blog” from you friends, schoolmates and instructors. Well, this is the place where we will guide you so that you can understand what a blog is, and the steps you need to take to create your own blog. You will also discover the essential uses of having an internet marketing blog for your business.

What Is a Bloginternet marketing blog

A blog is a short term for web log. It is a place where one can discuss any kind of topics that can be published on the World Wide Web at one’s fingertips. It is somewhat like having your own diary back in the 80s; the only difference is that it is published online. Yes, it is a place where you can jot down anything that makes you smile or rant. You can publish your opinions, interests and perspectives about a certain politician, a civil unrest, a super typhoon or anything else you want.

You can write anything. It is an online journal—a place where you can share what is in your mind to the world. You can update it any time you want, and usually the most recent entries called posts are at the top of the list. Blogs can be encrypted or not. In private blogs, one has to register first to view someone’s blog. Followers and readers usually have the liberty to comment about an entry.

How Can I start a Blog?

One can sign up on,, Blogger, Tumblr, SquareSpace among other websites. And most of them are free.There are many uses of blogging. Blogging for personal use can be therapeutic for someone who wants to discover herself more through writing. It can also serve as a fulfillment for the writer to realize his or her passion in writing. It can aid the blogger in marketing his or her skills or own business. In an organizational point view, an internet marketing blog is a very cost-effective advertising and marketing tool. An internet marketing blog helps get your brand and business out online and may improve your website’s SEO.

Topco Marketing, an Internet Marketing firm in Los Angeles, writes blogs for its clients. The blogs help generate higher search engine listings. Blogs can create relevant content important for building links with other relevant websites. Blogs can also increase not only online visibility, but also increase online reputation for the company.

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