About Google Glasses

One of the essential principles in marketing is to leverage consumer insights. This is what Google implemented when it launched Google Glasses. This pair of intelligent glasses is like a smartphone, but only the screen is in front of your face. What the company did was relying on the “voice and the vision of the market”, according to Forbes, to create an innovative product and a first of its kind. By harnessing the power of social media, Google did not rely on traditional marketing and advertising strategies. Instead, it utilized Twitter to create impressions as huge as 13 billion, over a million mentions on the said social media site, and created a compelling positive sentiment. Google generated 145, 000 mentions with just one hashtag called #ifIhadGlass. This shows that the social media campaign engages a lot of users and potential customers online.

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 How Does Google Market for themselves?

The key marketing strategy here is to listen to what the consumers envision and create a product based on that vision. It means giving consumers what they want. Google created this “exclusive community” that created curiosity and a heightened sense of being part of that community—an effective marketing strategy targeting emotional appeal. By listening to the vision of the consumers, creating a product based on the vision and targeting the emotional appeal, Google has successfully marketed a product and created a brand that people love.

Google Glasses targets many different audiences. For example, Google Glasses suit people who ride their bikes along Los Angeles’ long boulevards. They’re also good for those who love to take pictures while hiking or exploring the city. In short, Google Glasses has a long list of practical possibilities. That is because Google used consumer insights to create a convenient product many will love.

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