Facebook is the world’s number one social media marketing site with billions of active users around the world. At first, it was just about sharing photos where other friends can create thread of comments. Later on, it added other features such as forming communities, following trendsetters and influencers, and acting as a search engine such as Google where it can give links, pages and websites. Today, Facebook marketing has become a source of consumer insights. It offers online advertising services and marketing analytics for business owners. Marketing professionals are clamoring for more.

Facebook Features

Topco Marketing, an Internet marketing company in Los Angeles that keeps updated with the latest marketing technologies and innovation, did a recent research about Facebook marketing features. Facebook will once again become a game-changer in the market research industries. Before, organizations seek the services of market research companies in discovering the consumer attitudes and perceptions towards a brand or service. Market researchers utilize various methods: primary and secondary data, surveys to focus groups, and regression analysis to discover relationships among variables in order to achieve a specific business objective. Well, with innovative technologies, market researchers have found a competitor.

Facebook has launched “Topic Data”, a feature on Facebook where it can provide marketers topics that people are talking about in the form of data and statistics. These topics range from brands, products and services to activities. Datasift will assist Facebook in making this a seamless service for marketing professionals. It will extract valuable data information from the social media site. Companies can then innovate technologies to create the picture of their potential consumers.

Facebook Marketing is Very Powerful

There are many key takeaways from this latest innovation of the social networking front runner. By having this type of technology, marketers will have an overview of various consumer behaviors that are standing out in the marketplace. The new technology can provide marketers with meaningful demographics; thus, it can show the specific audience of our product. Marketers and advertisers are now able to improve the product and service to truly respond to the customer’s needs and wants. It will also aid in the phases of new product development by mitigating the resources and risks of failure.

Facebook also creates impression exponentially. By making comments on the site, those comments can be spread more than the traditional word-of-mouth. Therefore, the potential rate for referrals is higher than any type of traditional referral method. It has an effect as well in advertising and media usage. By having these data, compelling messages are now more accurate and more targeted to specific audiences. It will be used in empowering and in building brands. With this new technology of Facebook, marketers can then optimize the 4Ps—product, price, place of distribution and the people. Thus, Facebook is not just a social networking sites catering to friends and communities. It is now a go-to site for business professionals who want to know more about their audience.

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