Keyword strategies are very important when your website incorporates search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, many resources have been created online regarding how to achieve a high ranking using SEO. While some of these resources may be based on research, a lot of them are not and you should stay clear. This is because Google in itself is very secretive on the way that it uses the Google RankBrain algorithm in order to determine the search engine ranking. However, a trusted source is Mozn which compiled a bunch of its own research findings and determined a few key factors that contribute to website’s ranking score.

Here are the top four factors:

The structure of your website

According to the research provided by Moz, 24% of organic ranking factors and 14% of local ranking factors take their basis from on-page signals. Specifically, these ranking factors are attributed to your website’s hosting service. A key factor that affects a hosting service is its user experience (UX). By having a positive UX that makes the process easier for your customers, your business’s website page has the potential to have a higher ranking on Google. Factors that contribute to a positive UX are key e-commerce SEO features such as good meta descriptions, added extensions, and social buttons. Unfortunately if your business uses a shady domain platform that has a lot of issues, your ranking score can be hurt and lowered. Another component of structure is speed. The speed of your website greatly affects the bounce rates which in turn affect your reputation on Google.

Use of less common keywords

After conducting extensive research on the keywords that can boost your SEO, you will notice that some keywords have higher rankings than others. While this means that words at the top of the list are commonly searched words, it also means that these are keywords also commonly used by other websites. Therefore, utilizing these keywords make your chances of reaching the top ranks in a Google search very slim. While you should still use these keywords, your website is going to have to use additional unique keywords to make your website stand out. For example, there are still less common but relevant keywords that are used as searches become more specific.

Utilizing reviews as part of your marketing strategy

Moz reported that reviews add a significant amount to ranking factors. From a bunch of  studies, it was found that RankBrain takes into consideration the number of reviews you receive, the frequency of reviews, and the diversity of the reviews in order to evaluate how valid of a business you have. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to encourage your customers to provide honest and real reviews whenever using your services. One way to manage your customer reviews is to utilize a customer review management program such as Feefo or Trustpilot. These programs encourage customer reviews by sending emails to customers and organize these customer views to be viewed throughout the website. Additionally another benefit of reviews is that they have a similar language to Rich Snippet Stars. Therefore, if a customer searches a question and your review contains a keyword match, it will feature it in the Google search.

Focusing on topical relevancy

In this day and age there are huge retail giants that dominate the eCommerce market. So in order for you to stand out, the content on your eCommerce page has to be unique. One way to do this is to make sure your website focuses on topical relevancy. So what determines topical relevancy? First, the number of keywords on your site that match with a question asked on google as well as the number of links connected/associated with the content on your page. This is important because RankBrain takes into consideration the amount of backlinks and external links on your page when deciding rank order. So how can you increase the number of backlinks to your page? This can be achieved through a content marketing driven campaign which is consistently posting links through your business’s social media pages. Additionally this can be achieved by trying to be featured on another website’s blog such as Buzzfeed. A resource to check your page’s topical relevancy is an online program such as the SEO analysis tool from CanlRank that runs an analytical report on your website compared to your competitors based on keyword order, relevancy, and page strength.


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