In this day and age, as the medical field continues to flourish and become a competitive field, it is very important to boost your web traffic in order to draw more patients to your practice. Other than word of mouth, search engines are the next best source patients turn to. In a study conducted by The Realtime Report, it was found that digital marketing increased patient engagement by 81%. Additionally digital marketing increased patient retention by 52%, patient loyalty by 46%, and the patient experience by 73%. As it is apparent that digital marketing can help those within the medical field,  here is Topco Marketing’s list of top recommendations for digital marketing within the medical field:


First and foremost, if you ever have a website online you want to be participating in search engine optimization to improve your Google rank. Specifically within the medical field, where there are a plethora of doctors in each field competing for patients.  So, why is SEO important?

  • A majority of people when using search engines usually click on the top 5 results/suggestions
  • Search engine users trust search engines; therefore, by having you website in the top results, you website gains more trust
  • SEO can put you in front of the competition. If two companies are selling the same product but one is participating in SEO, the website that has SEO is more likely to have more customers and therefore more sales.


Paid Advertisements

No matter how much time you dedicate to SEO it will not beat paid advertisements. This is because your website cannot rank first for all of its keywords. By using both SEO and paid advertisements, the paid advertisements fill the gap where SEO falls short.


When a patient visits your website, it can be for a variety of reasons. They might just be browsing for future use or comparing your practice to other practices in the area. However, if they are interested there is potential for them to become a patient. Retargeting is a system that follows the activity of people who have viewed your website. After that person leaves your site, ads will appear on other websites related to your website. Therefore, by using retargeting the customer is reminded of your business and won’t forget about you as a potential health care provider.

Website Content

Having consistent website content can be a very powerful tool in bringing traffic to your website page. This is because everytime you publish an article related to your business, your website has a higher chance of popping up for the keywords used in the article.   


While these are only a few of our tips, in order to learn more about digital marketing, check out Topco Marketing’s website at Additionally managing paid advertisements and SEO can be a very difficult and long process. Let Topco Marketing handle your digital marketing so that you can focus on your medical practice.

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