On of your goals for when you are setting up your company or business’s website should be to make the “user journey” as smooth as possible. So what exactly is the “user journey”? It is the experience that a user gets from using your website one time. As we discuss in a plethora of our blog posts, there are a variety of ways to create a positive user journey. One way that we will dive into within this article is on-site search bars.

Here are a few of Topco Marketing’s reasons for utilizing a search bar:

1. Gives Visitors What They Want

An on-site search bar are a great way to turn visitors into potential customers. It helps suggest relevant products through autocomplete to help visitors decide what they are looking for and want. Additionally it can help your SEO because each search is tracked in order to have aggregate data.

In a study conducted by SAP, it was found that 60% of the participants in the study said that they wanted enhanced search functionality as their top features from suppliers

2. Increase Revenue

If a visitor to your site is not able to immediately find what they are looking for on your site, odds are they are going to look for an on-site search bar to utilize. However, if this easy function is not available, visitors will become frustrated and will click back to exit your page.

According to a study conducted by Econsultancy, 30% of consumers perform utilize on-site search bars.

3. One-up Your Competition

While the on-site search bar might seem like an easy feature that many sites should have, this is actually not the case. Econsultancy found that only 7% of the companies they interviewed stated that an on-site search bar was part of their marketing plan. Furthermore, 52% said that they are not doing anything within their marketing plan to improve on-site searches. Therefore, by having an on-site search bar you are adding a benefit to your website that other companies are not utilizing.

4. Help with Analytical Research

By having an on-site search bar, you can also set up a data analytic system that tracks searches by visitors. By doing so, you can see what visitors are searching and use those results to better understand what people want and improve your product strategy as a whole.


While these are only a few of our tips, in order to learn more about internet marketing, check out Topco Marketing’s website at https://topcomarketing.com. Additionally, SEO marketing is a very long and difficult process. Here at Topco Marketing we use website design, SEO, and Reputation Management to boost traffic towards your business’s site. Let us take on the marketing side of your business so that you can focus on managing it. Contact us at info@topcomarketing.com or 310-734-1438.


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