You have probably heard stories of how companies handle their recruitment processes, and how each candidate may get nothing more than a cursory glance at their resumes – if they even get that. The difference between sending out multiple job applications and getting called for interviews is the quality of your resume. If you don’t want recruiters throwing your resume in a massive pile of rejects and want a chance to pitch yourself at an in-person interview, then hiring a resume writer is a great place to start.  

If you choose to write your resume yourself, the first thing you should know is the difference between what your resume is, and what it isn’t. Your resume is not a long list of your job history or skillset. Your resume showcases your education, your work experience and professional history. Your resume should tell a story of your competence. 

Next, you need to know how to format your resume. Your chosen format will determine how you arrange the information you would be placing in the resume, as well as its overall final look. Usually, resumes are chronological (used mostly by entry level applicants) or functional (highlighting skillsets and job functions, and often used by professionals with years of experience who are seeking a job or career switch). 

After the format is chosen, you need to create a catchy and snazzy introduction, summary or objective.   

If you are not hiring a professional resume writer, it would be in your best interest to glance through some resume templates online and pick one that is ATS friendly. Application Tracking Systems are software that scan your resume upon submission and filter a bunch out, so that the recruiter only sees the ones that truly qualify for a position. For example, John Doe is an accountant and he is applying for a project manager role at Nike. He, along with 500+ other people have applied for this role. The recruiter does not have the time to read each resume, so their system scans each one through a computer, checking for keywords and other components that best match the job description. It will then identify the closest matches, which the recruiter will look at, and decide on who to call in for an interview. It is likely that John will not make the cut, even though he may qualify, because he didn’t tailor his resume towards the project management role. Therefore, he will be rejected from the list of applicants.  

Be sure to include highlights, achievements, and results in your bullet points. Employers and recruiters are seeking applicants that will add value to their company. They determine this by analyzing your accomplishments and comparing those metrics to how you can transfer that value to their company. 

Proof read your document, and if you can, send to people who can look through and make necessary adjustments before you send in your application. You can always reach out to us for help! 

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