First we should start by defining ego marketing. Ego marketing is a term used to describe a company that uses the marketing strategy of only talking about themselves. The emphasis is on the “I,” “Us,” and “We” rather than conveying to the customer what you can really do for them. Here are a few examples of ego marketing:

“WE are the BEST in the WHOLE NATION”

“WE are always NUMBER ONE. NO ONE will defeat US”

A lot of times it is hard to detect ego marketing. The first sign would be that you are allocating an immense budget towards marketing, but your return on investment is not adding up.

Here are a few indicators that you are participating in ego marketing.

  1. Failing to do intense research
    1. Companies need to make sure that they are selling to the right audience or even if the audience exists for the product they are trying to sell. By not conducting such research, businesses are at risk of wasting the investment they made into marketing. So essentially, don’t waste your time selling to an audience that doesn’t want to be sold to.
  2. Wanting everything from customers while giving nothing

The benefits of your product must be conveyed. These benefits must include that the product conducts what its competitors do plus more. Additionally these benefits must be greater than the price the customer is having to pay. If this is not the case, your business needs to reconsider how it sets itself apart from other products.

  1. 90% about the company, 10% about the customer

Finally, your business should be mostly about the customer. Every aspect of your company should be focused on making the experience easier for the customer. By making it about the customer, they will see what the company can do for them and that the business itself cares.

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