Over the past 10-15 years there has been a lot of change regarding the way Google ranks your web page organically. Before 2003, backlinking was the game. The person with the most backlinks within their webpage would rank the highest in search engine searches. But in 2003, there was the Florida update which caused businesses with too many backlinks and keyword stuffing to be penalized by dropping their ranking. Then in 2005, the NoFollow attribute also cleaned up backlink spam even more. Over the years, more updates have been made to discourage businesses to use these techniques to help their organic ranking.

Even though there have been some changes, the top digital marketing firms continue to use backlinks to help their client’s websites rank high. So how are they doing this in 2018 when their are so many restrictions?

Over time digital marketers have found ways to get around Google’s restrictions. One way is by buying links in order to make the backlinks look organic. However, doing so requires a lot of money. For example spending $2000 on links in The Huffington Post and Forbes would definitely boost a business’s website rank. So, how to you rank high organically without paying the big bucks?

Relevancy Matters

In order to rank high you need to have backlinks that come from domains that are part of your industry and not remotely related. Studies have show that ranking can increase by 32% if relevant backlinks are used and irrelevant backlinks are eliminated.

Use Immortal Content with Backlinks

If one day Google decides that backlinks have no benefit towards SEO, you should archive the content connected to your website through immortal text. In order to do this make sure the off site content contains implied links-likeness mentions. This puts your business in the center without using an actual physical link.

Look for Link Stink

Right now backlinks still provide a useful purpose in organic ranking. But it seems to be that in the future backlinks will have zero impact. There for incase this “link stink” occurs, remember to use likeness mentionings in your offsite content in order to protect it.

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